GCS offers independent appraisals on new, like new and estate pieces. Please call for an appointment and for pricing.

Appraisal reports are prepared for the purpose of estimating the fair market value(s) of the item(s) described herein, for obtaining or reselling item(s). Appraisal Reports can be used for resale, divorce settlements, estates, court litigations and liquidations.

Appraisal values estimated are derived from the appraiser’s knowledge and ongoing market research, which may be supplemented by consulting appropriate specialists and/ or through research in auction catalogs and other local and national sources for similar items.

Metal quality (i.e., 14k gold) is assumed to be consistent throughout a particular item, with that of the specific area tested and / or of the quality stamped or otherwise marked on the item, unless stated otherwise in the report. When testing is deemed necessary, it is either by acid / scratch method, with an electronic testing device, or both. Either is generally accurate within 1 – 1.5 karat.

Unless otherwise stated, weights and measurements are estimated, based upon a formula and the use of measuring instruments as generally practiced and accepted in gemology and the jewelry appraisal profession.

Diamond grading is a subjective scientific procedure. Grades on the same diamond may vary slightly from one professional, trained grader / appraiser to another, depending upon conditions of lighting, time allowed for grading, quality and accuracy of master (comparison) diamonds or non-diamond comparators if used, and the color and hue discrimination abilities of the appraiser.

Grading diamonds when mounted is particularly difficult and will be noted in the appraisal as being graded while mounted. A mounting can hide inclusions, blemishes, and color.

GCS offers a complimentary appraisal on all engagement rings and other items with a Retail replacement value of $2500.00 or higher.

Appraisals are performed by our GIA Graduate Gemologist or GIA Diamond Graduate.